Performance Testing Standards and List of Approved Testing Facilities

Performance Testing Standards and List of Approved Testing Facilities

Prior to earning the NALFA Certification Seal, laminate floors must pass a series of 10 rigorous performance tests. An independent laboratory completes the testing and submits the results to the NALFA board for final approval. Only then may a product bear the certification seal.

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Prior to a product receiving the NALFA certification seal, a sample must be sent to an approved testing facility where procedures are strictly specified for accurate examination. The file below contains a list of known laboratories that can test to the NALFA/ANSI Standard. NALFA does not endorse particular labs nor warrant their performance. Laminate manufacturers should exercise their own business discretion in selecting a lab. Laboratories wishing to be added to our list should contact Sharon Edmondson at

3.1 Static Load

3.2 Thickness Swell

3.3 Light Resistance

3.4 Cleanability/Stain Resistance

3.5 Large Ball Impact Resistance

3.6 Small Ball (Dart) Impact Resistance

3.7 Wear Resistance

3.8 Dimensional Tolerance

Slip Resistance (ASTM F 489)

Environmental (ASTM E 1333)

Sound (ASTM E 90, ASTM E 492)

Fire Behavior (ASTM E 648 and ASTM E 662)

Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C 518)

Auto Ignition (ASTM D 1929)